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What is "Lion Fall"

In name, it's a fictional place within a novel series written by R. J. Monty. A science fiction world where major cities are only protected by a layer of structures known as "The Boundary" to keep the infection away. A modern take on the Four Horsemen stories that takes a deep dive into the minds and perspectives of both sides.

This place holds great significance within the books. A thought sprouted and Lion Fall Films was born. Bringing the ideals within the fictional world, to the real, digital world of film making.


Behind the mind

The idea came from a simple concept. No matter the medium or the subject matter, whether it be a social media post, photography, videography or narrative film in short or feature length, one thing is at the core of everything. 

"Stories that matter"

What exactly sets this apart from all the others?  - The 0 compromise.

- Creative Collaboration

- Endless connection to the material

- Creative relationship to build a network of creators

With 8+ years within the team mindset as part of the Armed forces, this idea and structure is something that seems be lacking in the independent realm. Lion Fall's goal, with equal years in the creative space from writing to film and photography, is to engage directly with communities to tell authentic stories. Original ideas in-house or help bring yours to life.


                  -  (SSG) R. J. Monty           

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