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Write. Always.

You know, some of the most frequent things I get asked is;

"Bruh, how do you find the time to write?"

"Yuh, Bruh, I want to write too. What do you think?"

"What's writing?"

Okay, so maybe I don't really get THOSE types of questions but generally it was the line.

The only thing I can think of regarding that is by kind of just repeating what you probably already heard before.

Just write.

The fact is this; You just have to jump right in.

No one is going to hand you the golden ticket. Ever.

(If they do, mind sharing?)

I mentioned it in passing to someone who said that they can't write but they have a story to tell.

"If you can speak you can write."

Finding that voice within yourself and jotting down the narrative in your head. Learning to weave stories together with proper form is a whole of the thing. Back in the day they didn't have much of anything but their voice.

They told stories to scare the kids to keep them safe, tell the tale of heroic deeds and to warn others of the incoming dangers.

I'm not perfect but when it comes to telling stories... I'm passionate.

Be passionate.

I have an exciting project coming up that will be great and can't wait to unveil it soon.

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