• Monty

Ripples of Death (Short Bridge)

The human race may be nearing its end.

A catastrophic plague has wiped out most of the population. The few survivors have fled to the shelter of cities surrounded by enormous walls. Those unlucky enough to live beyond the walls must fight to survive in the “plague lands,” a hellscape of monsters and marauders.

Andrew knows that he must never go beyond the Wall that keeps him safe. It is a colossal structure that encompasses the new metropolis known as the Greater City of Colorado. Despite warnings from nearly everyone he knows, he spends almost every night scaling the Wall and looking out at the plague lands. For Andrew, it is a way to escape from his miserable life as a lower-class member of society.

Then, one night, he sees something. After an explosion rocks the city, Andrew takes a picture of the incident. What he discovers will change his life forever. Andrew has caught his first glimpse of War and Death, two horsemen of the apocalypse.

In the adventure that follows, Andrew must dodge his city’s fascist guards and tell his story to the people of Colorado. War and Death are real, and they are just the vanguard.


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