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Capturing Moments!

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Ever go through your photos and just think about those times you WISH you took those photos?

Or even gone to that place?

Do that thing that you regret now?

As time goes on we get busy with what just seems like busy work.

- I am guilty of this!

Though as of lately I have been trying to get out of my own comfort zone which, let me tell you. It as quite literally made me see a 180 degree turn in things surrounding me.

Seriously. I say yes to a lot more things just because (Within my means as you should too).

Note: Also keep in mind that the comfort I mean is just from simple nerves or anxiety. Don't do anything that is otherwise unsafe or that may severely impact your future in a negative way.

One such event was taking my new camera out to Cocoa Beach, Florida. A simple thing to do, which initially I did not feel like driving or being up that early. Regardless, at the end of the day I committed.

When we arrived (about 2ish hours before sunrise) it was freezing. Fingers were numbing. We were all walking aimlessly around the sand cause apparently our brains couldn't compute the cold. It was horrible.

A little bit of light poked through the clouds with its blue hue and we started getting the gear ready.


Fingers were useless.

After fumbling hard attaching the rig and so on, we started snapping some photos.

The end result was the fact that with all the issues of it being so cold and fingers nearly freezing off like a Popsicle.

We laughed hard.

Seeing the photos and just creating some situations like the birds. Not only did I enjoy taking photos, I enjoyed the mini adventure.

I now understood the thought or process of why nature photography is so powerful. It is definitely something I want to continue doing.

This all leads to what was mentioned in the title. Capture Moments!

Take a risk and even though you may feel uncomfortable, go out there and just take the photo, video, selfie?...

There are moments that passed me by that I can remember but wished I had taken the picture or recorded it. We live in an age where technology is common and your phone is beyond capable of taking amazing pictures or videos. So the excuses are limited.

Thanks for reading! Check some more out of my personal favorites from that shoot below!

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