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Backpack + Travel Bug

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

There is just about the same itch I think most, if not all of us feel.

A feeling of Escape.

A feeling of Wonder.

A Feeling for Adventure.

Ah yes, the travel bug.

Oh Mars... One day!

But comeback to earth with me real quick.

As mentioned before, I sure we get that itch right? Whether it be just to set sail on a cruise for a few days all the way to backpacking for and undetermined amount of time. What you get is what you put in.

I have been to a whole lot of places in the world and unfortunately the first time I was not all that into, or better yet, Understood the importance of taking photos and creating memories in a permanent format. I was 100% about the experience.

As I am still... but that is besides the point. I did have company though which made it an experience that was shared which was awesome to have at the time. So the photos that were taken were pretty sick.


I mean, seriously. How cool is this. To be honest I told the roman dude a joke and he laughed his head off...

Bad jokes aside, it was a blast. Now the thing is prices. Yes it can get expensive, No it doesn't have to be.

I use several travel sites to book flights and to be quite frank. I don't plan the stay... Sue me. Hostels have been dope and so have hotels. Again it all depends on your budget.

I typically use Skyscanner as my primary source of finding #flights. I do view others but as I've said in my supplement blog... I can only recommend things that I trust and use.

But the flight has got to be one of the cheapest things to get in order to drive the traveling cost down. Mainly for international flights. The one thing that made the cost drive up was a bit of the research... or lack thereof.

With everything, research and plan.

Plan and research.

The backpack that I have on while hiking a 5 mile trail in Cinque Terre, Italy is quite clearly a simple JanSport back. This is what I used as my everyday carry.

My other bag was a black ruck-sack. I was issued during my stay on my first base in the military.

Me and the company pretty much just lived out of the bag as any backpacker does but I found that it wasn't all roses when it actually came down to long trips.

Bring some stuff to clean clothes cause some places charge an arm and a leg!

I have learned a whole lot from the first backpacking trip, but if you want more detailed suggestions give me a topic to talk about. The flights and the bag I used seemed to be something that I researched most before doing everything so figured we could just start where I did.


Feel free to shoot me a DM in my social media's one way or another I'll see it and lets chat. Tell what you want to know more in depth with and I'll do the rest.

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